About Us

Breeding Philosophy

Sporthorse Warmblood stud is a boutique breeder of top quality modern style warmblood horses with European bloodlines. They are primarily bred for Dressage although we also have some Jumping lines.

We imported our foundation mare from Germany with the guidence of Christian Heinrich and Karlman de Jurenac. She has so far produced five foals with us and one in Germany before we purchased her.

They are by Belissimo, Breitling, Bertoli , De Niro and Furten-look ( We must have run out of B's ). We have kept the fillies ( Bella, and Bugatti ) for breeding and Beethoven is being ridden. D'artagnan, a colt by De Niro, was awarded highly commended on the 2014 Hanoverian tour assessment by the German Classifier Joachim Winters from the Hanoverian Verband in Germany.

In addition to our foundation mare La Donna we have three other broodmares.

Our breeding aim is to produce trainable dressage horses with the very top modern European breeding bloodlines. We are lucky enough to have had the benifit of the advice and contacts of Janes' uncle Karlman de Jurenac who has been of great help both when he was in Germany and also now that he has returned to Australia.


Jane Stanford

Jane Stanford, or Jane Benn as she was then, was born into a NSW equestrian family. Her mother June Capel came from the country in New England where they raised cattle, sheep, and of course horses. June was instrumnetal in starting the Cumberland Jumping club and its Dressage equivalent which went on to become the Equestrian Federation. Junes sister is married to the well known international dressage trainer and former director of the Hanoverian verband in Verden, Karlman de Jurenak.

Jane started her career in the Castle Hill pony club, and progressed through the jumping levels to become a junior champion at the Sydney Royal (which was the highest grade competition in NSW at the time.) She was contemporay of Vicky Rose ( Vicky Roycroft ) and Coleen Brooke. She then left Australia to live in Europe for many years and after taking a break to have children she resumed riding this time in dressage. Her frequent visits to her uncle Karlman de Jurenak in Verden gave her the opportunity to ride at the stables of Holga Finken, and Joern Kubelke.

Jane has riden and trained many horses. She has competed dressage up to Grand Prix level and has her level one training qualification as a coach specialising in dressage from the Equestrian Federation. Today she still rides her elite Hanoverian mare out of Fishermans Friend, and her gelding Beethoven who was imported (in utero) from Germany by Bertoli (by Breitling).

Nowadays she mainly concentrates of the breeding and managing our horses.

Nick Stanford

Nick spends most of his time looking after the 60 acre property (mainly mowing), and wishing he were traveling to somewhere interesting. He also started and administers a web based publication 'The Dressage Directory' which provides (amongst other things) free diagrams to the Australian tests.


The Team (not about us)

Old Ned

Ned, our groundsman, has been an integral member of the Sporthorse team for many years. His motto of 'No job too small' is one that he lives by. In fact often no job is his prefered option. There is little around the farm that Ned has not neglected to do and he can often be found sitting in the feed shed explaining why some work is completely unecessary. We don't know what we would do without him (although we would like to find out)

'Wild' Bill MacShaunassy

Bill is the matermind behind the operation and has overseen all the financial aspects. His passion for spending money is only surpassed by his love of alcohol . With his guidence we have a business plan that woud be the envy of almost any labour government.

Helmut Pumpernickle

Helmut came to us from Germany on a work experience visit. He came with excelent credentials from one of the top dressage training stables and we had high hopes. However a minor accident getting off the plane prevented him from doing any actual riding or indeed help around the horses. Instead he took up farming in one of the back padocks and we were looking forward to some fresh vegtables for the dinner table. Unfortunately just after his departure home it appeared that he had smoked the entire crop.

Our Neighbours

The farm would not be the same without our wonderful neighbours the Wallaroos. To the south we have Ezekiel and Mary Lou Wallaroo and their delightful daughter Mary Lou. To the west Jeremiah and Bethany Wallarro with Jeremiah junior, little Ezekiel, and Mary Lou . To the north the feudin' Wallaroos, Ezekiel the third and his wife Mary Lou (the second cousin of Ezekiel and Mary Lou). And of course to the East the newcomers to the neighbourhood, Ezekiel son of Ezekiel and Mary Lou Wallaroo and their twin albino daughters.
Its so nice to hear their cheery taunts and colourful language echoing over the farm night and day, together with the occasional gunshot.